Suspension of Church Service & Activities

Unity Church of Bonita Springs is suspending Sunday services and activities until further notice..

While we do not wish to instill fear, and understand this is a time when we would naturally want to come together to comfort one another, meditate and use our power of prayer, we strongly feel it is in our congregation’s best interest and collective health to follow the CDC recommendation to refrain from gathering together.  We will reevaluate the decision to suspend church Service at the beginning of April.

During this time, we will also work with our cleaning service to ensure that all surfaces are receiving appropriate disinfection. 

Looking ahead, we plan to develop ways to stay connected and continue to care for each other as we navigate through this historic moment. We are committed to focusing time and energy toward making plans rather than reacting from a place of fear. In the short term, we are planning to move spiritual support and education to online platforms. 

We believe that by suspending our face-to-face events combined with some voluntary self-quarantine efforts, that all things have the potential to work together for our good.

We appreciate your continued financial support of Unity Church of Bonita Springs. 


Rev. Phil Schlaefer 
Unity Board of Trustees