Spiritual Economics Class Begins 4/28

What do we hear so often about one's finances? "I can never seem to get ahead." Or, "I never have enough." Perhaps, it's time to reasses your relationship with money. Join our Licensed Unity Teacher, Nancy Leahy-Jacklow, as she helps us work through author and Ordained Unity Minister, Eric Butterworth's book; Spiritual Economics.    It will open our minds in order to work with the flow of life, reverse financial adversity, and attract wealth in every area of your life.

We will develop a prosperous attitude about money, health, and love. Release our success power, and reap greater rewards from our work. While creating abundance through the power of giving, and more!


Cost of event: Love Offering

Class held weekly, Wednesdays at 6 PM, beginning 4/28 and ending 5/26.

Course Materials:  Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth  Book: $14 English or $16 Spanish  Audiobook: $23