Rev. Phil Schlaefer

My Path to Unity

I was born and raised in a staunch Catholic family. I enjoyed my upbringing. But I had some questions that were not answered, such as why did Jesus have to die for our sins? No satisfactory answers were given, and I left the church after high school.

For years I was a militant atheist, but this proved to be unsatisfying. While serving in Vietnam, I made a move to try to fill the spiritual vacuum. I read the Bible from beginning to end.Though no answers came, at least I was open.

Upon my return, I married, had a child, and divorced. My teaching career was becoming unfulfilling. At this low point, at the suggestion of a friend, I attended a Unity Sunday Service; it was Easter Sunday.

I was stunned! The Minister seemed to speak to me personally. The topic was resurrection, of course. But not only Jesus' resurrection, but the possibility of a personal, interior resurrection. I was hooked! Right there and then, I saw that I was to become a Unity minister. I was ordained in 1982, and have served several churches, including Unity of Bonita Springs since 2005.

Life, while not always easy, is fulfilling.

Rev. Phil

My takeaway from the Unity message is to enjoy each day. Jesus came to teach us to live this life as fully as we can. Live life as best you can, loving one another. Whatever is the next step, be it the traditional vision of heaven, or reincarnation, or anything else, it will take care of itself.