Our Spiritual Leader

January 1, 2021 

In the search committee’s process, it became clear to us that we were not quite ready to choose a new minister from the options that were presented to us. We realized we have not yet done the important and necessary work to both grieve the departure of our current minister of fifteen years and to clarify our core values and mission statement as a church. We realize this is both important and valuable work that really should be done to help guide us in choosing just the right minister for our church at this time. 

Therefore, we have chosen to step back for the next few months and delay our decision until that work has been completed. Please know that we are still actively searching and have informed the candidates that we would very much like to keep their applications alive and will stay in touch with you in the coming months as we work through this process. 

We trust you will understand this decision to delay hiring a full-time new minister as we enter this time of reflection and revelation. We sincerely hope you will join us, as the Board of Trustees did, in the Search Committee’s unanimous recommendation that we employ Melissa Hill Greenbaum as our part-time Spiritual Leader. She is ordained through One Spirit and continues to work toward becoming an ordained Unity minister. For those of you who heard her speak the first Sunday in November, I am sure you will agree that this is a clear and obvious choice for us at this time. We trust that Divine Spirit has brought Melissa to us to serve in this capacity and that this is the best for our church at this time. With Melissa’s help and guidance, we will move together toward greater clarity regarding where we want to go so that we may choose a minister who will be able to take us there. 

We will enjoy guest speakers for the five Sundays in January and Melissa will begin in February. 

Happy New Year and Happy New Beginnings for Unity Church of Bonita Springs! 


Unity of Bonita Springs Search Committee