Minister Search Update 9/18

After preparing a job description for our new minister, your Board of Trustees turned everything over to a Search Committee. That committe met last month and finalized the details of the vacancy announcement, selected a chairman, and agreed on process going forward.

The vacancy was posted with Unity Worldwide Ministries In early September and we have already received 2 inquiries.

When we have received all interested persons’ paperwork, reviewed it, checked references, and conducted interviews, the Search Committee will decide whether to invite them to visit our church. Should we have 2 or more finalists, they will be asked to spend a long weekend with us here in Bonita Springs to deliver a Sunday sermon and meet our congregants   We will collect your feedback ater these encounters and take it into our decision-making process. Please direct your prayers and blessings on this process, knowing we will receive the right minister at the right time.

The Search Committee
   Valerie Lower, Chairperson
   Jerry Stawski
   Bill Bosco
   Jane Parlette
   Katy Wrede, Board liaison