Minister Change

Dear Friends,

As your Unity Church of Bonita Springs Board of Trustees, we want you to know that we stand in support of Reverend Phil in his decision to retire. Although he & Jo will be missed, we know we have been blessed by their long presence and are confident that this Church will go forward equally rich in new blessings to come. Reverend Phil has given us plenty of lead time. Together we are working on a plan for his succession and together we will continue to build a spiritual community, dedicated to providing inspiration and support for living an abundant life.

There will be a Search Committee comprised of members from the congregation who will help guide our decision-making process and we plan to move forward even closer together in Unity.

Throughout the coming months, please feel free to share your feelings, thoughts, ideas, and opinions with any of us at any time. We are always available to listen and look forward to building an even more united vision as a community bound in love, hope, and peace.

Thank you for all your support.

Your Unity Board of Trustees,

Katy Wrede, President (, 239-272-2862]
Ed Skiba, Vice President  (, 239-791-8583]
Jill Bell, Treasurer  (, 207-712-5545)
Wanda McMahan, Secretary  (, 239-591-2434)
Melissa Greenbaum, Trustee. (, 305-586-9800)
Moira Dana, Trustee   (, 239-272-3959)