Meditate Like the Masters 4/25

Kimberly Nunn, a Unity Licensed Teacher, presents a monthly evening meditation.

Kimberly explains:

What do we do? We bring you iPods loaded with our meditations of choice. Depending on the length of the selection, we'll experience one to two meditation exercises each evening we meet.
What you will want to bring: All you have to bring is a headset or earbuds. The type of headset or earbuds makes no difference, as long as the plug is compatible with an iPod nano (a standard plug). Personally, we prefer noise canceling headsets because it will help limit any potential distraction from other participants near you during the meditation. The meditations can be done seated or lying down, so you might want to bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket for additional comfort.

For those new to adding sound technology to your practice, please rest assured we will always allow some time to explain how and why the specific sound technology works. Hemi-Sync® and SAM are truly extraordinary audio technologies, with the potential for profound life enhancing effects. So, yes, it's true what we say: "With regular use of these sound technologies, you too can reach meditative states that it takes Zen Masters decades to attain ... You too can meditate like the masters !" Please note: Although we are presently meeting on church property, **there is absolutely no dogma, belief system, religious practice or guru involved/advocated in this approach to meditation.

We ask a "suggested love offering" of $8 to assist in covering administrative costs, necessary materials, and the fees for our meeting space. We most definitely adhere to the spirit of "love offering," however. Please do not allow the suggested love offering to keep you from attending. Hold us in the Light of love and compassion, and you have blessed us greatly !

We look forward to having you join us !!